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Carolingua will gladly help you bridge the gap between two languages and two cultures.

I will be glad to be your partner for translations from French and English into German.
A translation communicates not only individual words but the text as a whole and its message in the target language. That is why I only translate into my mother tongue. For translations from German into other languages, I will be glad to recommend other qualified translators.

I translate both general and specialised texts. In my previous translation work, I have specialised in the following subject areas and types of text:

• General terms and conditions
• Insurance policies
• Occupational benefit plans
• Annual reports
• Press releases
• Customer letters
• Statistical reports
• Questionnaires
• Tourism
• Culture
• Food industry
• Advertising

I am, of course, also willing to familiarise myself with your specific field and to learn your language, because every sector and every company has its own terminology.
I use modern translation memory tools to ensure terminological consistency in future translations.